Digital Award from the OWPG (13.10.18)

This website won the Digital Award from the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild

The Awards are listed here. The judges commented:

As well as having all the key digital attributes of being easy to find, quick to load and instinctive to navigate, even on a mobile, this attractive if unpretentious website is a comprehensive resource for anyone considering tackling one of Scotland’s official long-distance paths. The information on the 29 trails is concise, clear and consistently presented, making it a doddle to find the stats to compare trails with. There are also links to all the guides, maps and websites you might need for planning, as well as over 40 companies offering support services. Jacquetta’s site also has an innovative section giving full credit to the photographers responsible for every image on the website (as far as possible) and offering photographers the opportunity to claim unattributed images, something many OWPG members would surely be glad to see become common practice in cyberspace.

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