About SGTs

Scotland’s Great Trails are managed trails that are clearly waymarked, run largely off-road and offer a choice of welcoming visitor services. Ranging in length from 24-210 miles (40-340 km), many are suitable for short breaks as well as end-to-end expeditions. Collectively the 29 different routes offer over 1900 miles (3000 km) of trails with opportunities to explore the best of Scotland’s nature and landscapes, and to experience our amazing history and culture. For information about how the trails are managed, or to contact NatureScot about any issues, please visit this page.

Download a map

Click to download a map showing all 29 SGTs.

Many of Scotland’s Great Trails have sections that are suitable for cyclists and horse-riders as well as walkers. One (the Great Glen Canoe Trail) can be completed by paddling a canoe or kayak. Most of the trails have dedicated websites, but some have only a single page (or PDF download) sitting within a Council website. They vary widely in how much information they provide and how they present it. This website has been created to provide consistent and reliable information on the trails in a way that makes them readily comparable.

Two independent websites also cover most of these trails, but neither includes all SGTs and both list other routes: WalkHighlands and the Long Distance Walkers Association. You may wish also to visit the Sustrans website for the National Cycle Network, visit (or volunteer for) Ramblers Scotland and check out VisitScotland’s website.

This website has been created on a not-for-profit basis, in a partnership between NatureScot, Rucksack Readers and all the managers of Scotland’s Great Trails. Income from the website is invested in its maintenance and improvement. NatureScot is the government-funded body that looks after Scotland’s nature and landscapes for everyone. It maintains the official list of Scotland’s Great Trails and is the custodian of the brand. Rucksack Readers is an award-winning publisher of guidebooks to adventurous walks worldwide, including many of Scotland’s Great Trails.